Why Shop Our Mea Wahī'eha?

I know what you are thinking... they are too cute, I would never use them! Or my kids would just waste them! Yes, we have heard it all, and we are here to tell you... its OK! We know it's different, and that it costs a little more than your average pack of bandaids, but here are our top 5 reasons to get your bandages from us from now on...

  1. WE'RE GIVING BACK TO OUR HAWAIIAN COMMUNITY- That's right! When you buy your bandages from us, together, we give back to the community. For every two sets of bandages purchased, we donate a set to a local school, Medical clinic, or Hawaiian Organization. So now, you can feel good about this purchase, knowing you are contributing to a bigger cause!
  2. YOU CAN NOW BE EXCITED TO GET A "BOO-BOO" - All of our graphics were inspired by mea Hawai'i, and serve as a reminder to how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place! Not to mention... there is no where else you can get a bandage like it. I mean who wouldn't want to rock some Pua bandages to match your mu'umu'u of the day, or match the Kalo you are pulling in the lo'i? 
  3. PLENTY TO GO AROUND - Did you know there are 10 strips in each pack? Thats more than enough strips to save some for you, and let your kids use some too... That's a win-win if you ask me!
  4. THEY'RE READY FOR AN ADVENTURE - The beauty of living in Hawai'i is all the activities we have access to. From surfing, fishing, hunting, hiking, and everything in-between... our bandages are waterproof, so they can stick with you on any adventure you have!
  5. YOU’RE SHOPPING HAWAIIAN - Not only do you give back to the Hawaiian community, but with every purchase, you are supporting a small, Wahine, & Kanaka owned Hawaiian business, and I don't know about you, but I think that's always an amazing thing! The more we kāko'o and help each other out, the stronger our community gets! 


Convinced yet? I hope so! Just know, that we seriously appreciate all the love and support that each and everyone of you bring! Love you all! 

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